How Does Ottawa SEO Service Create Backlinks by Researching Competitors?

In this article, I will mainly tell you about one of the most secret link – building strategies of a renowned Ottawa SEO Service, EagleWebz. From the experts, I came to learn that besides creating backlinks in a number of many different ways, sometimes they also create backlinks by doing the competitor research. Where a majority of people think that this process is a bit tough, the experts still keep saying it is the easiest and safest process of building backlinks. However, keep reading this article to know more in details about the competitor researching strategies of EagleWebz.

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Competitor Backlinks Research Strategy of Ottawa SEO Service


One of the experts of Ottawa SEO Services said that, a huge amount of his time discovering links is by taking a look at his competitor’s link profiles. Most importantly, you are piggy backing off of their success. While a number links is completely unobtainable (for example, different news posts), others can easily be achieved within a very short time.

The experts suggested to make the full as well as complete utilization of the tool Ahrefs for this. The only thing you have to do is to put the links of your competitors and after that you have to export their all types of backlinks to a CSV format. It will be pretty much better if you perform this for your every single competitor therefore you can easily have all of their backlinks in an excel sheet which will make your work a lot easier. Last but not the least, you can sort them out by different types of link metrics to discover the greatest chances.

However, you do not need to stop at just your direct competitors. In addition, you can keep your eyes on how your indirect competitors in your vertical (as an example, if you sell clock, a website that sells clock batteries) or actually any other type of niche-relevant websites is getting links. If you are local, keep your eyes on other websites in your own geographical area. If you are ecommerce, look at how another ecommerce website is acquiring backlinks to the same kinds of pages you are having an issue with.

Just because of those above mentioned reasons, the experts of Ottawa SEO Service still believe in doing competitor research before they move to the off page SEO. As a link-builder, you can also take note this strategy and who knows it could probably assist you in the near future for doing a killer off page SEO. Thanks for reading!